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Experiential learning and Creativity are central to Understory’s approach. Workshops, courses and trainings are interactive, tailored to suit the needs of the group and adapt learn-by-doing to build capacity and foster cascading effects post-engagement. Understory utilises only sustainable and reclaimed materials. Upskilling in diverse creative art forms intertwines seamlessly with sustainability, circularity, and innovation principles. From the use of clay to creating recycled activism zines, our workshops reflect a holistic approach that blends creativity with wellbeing and climate action.

Understory's workshops are perfect for Science Week, Heritage Week, Biodiversity Week, Waste Reuse Month, Veganuary as well as for throughout the year events and awareness raising sessions responding to current needs and public interest. The workshops are priced per group rather than per individual attendee. Our in-person workshops are available to Co. Dublin, Co. Wicklow and Co. Kildare as well as locations easily accessible by train for in-person workshops. Online workshops are available worldwide.

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