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Corporate Workshops, Courses and Training


Welcome to a transformative journey with Understory, where innovation meets sustainability, and creativity intertwines seamlessly with corporate growth.

In today's dynamic business landscape, agility, sustainability and innovation are no longer optional; they're essential for thriving in a world of constant change and growing expectation for businesses to have a shared global responsibility. Working with organisations like Understory demonstrates your organisations green credentials and showcases your values while providing staff with fun and sought after learning experiences.

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Experiential Learning Approach

Our approach is simple yet profound: experiential learning and creativity lie at the heart of everything we do. We believe in learning by doing, in pushing boundaries, and in harnessing the power of imagination to ignite innovation. Our commitment sets us apart, as we operate using a circular economy model. Our materials are exclusively sustainable and reclaimed, ensuring that every workshop has a positive impact on both your team and the planet. From tailored courses and workshops to interactive trainings, we customise each experience to suit the unique needs and objectives of your team.

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Immersive Experiences all year round 

At Understory, we craft immersive experiences designed to inspire and educate your team. Together, we can drive employee engagement and meaningful change within your organisation. We can co-design sessions that respond to current needs and interests of your employees or celebrate specific themes for Heritage WeekBiodiversity Week, Waste Reuse Month, Veganuary and specific UN days.


The workshops are priced per group. Our in-person workshops are available in Co. Dublin, Co. Wicklow and Co. Kildare and locations easily accessible by public transport. Online workshops are available worldwide.

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Alex Konieczka presenting

Experienced and Qualified Trainer and Ecologist

Alex Konieczka is a qualified ecologist, QQI L6 certified trainer and projects manager with over 9+ years of experience. She spent over three years working in one of top Fortune 500 companies, as a Researcher, Innovation Analyst and Sustainability Programme Manager. In her career, she has successfully delivered an award winning 12-month Corporate Sustainability Engagement Programme, consulted with several corporate companies and delivered many workshops to corporate clients including Accenture, PM Group and Version 1.

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    Book a meeting with Alex to get started on your Understory journey.

Alex Konieczka by Enda O'Dowd

Past Workshop Inspiration

Biodiversity and Making Solitary Bee Nestboxes Workshop

During this workshop Alex, an ecologist and rearer of solitary bees, introduces you to Biodiversity through the fascinating lens of pollinators. We unearth the perfect formula to make solitary bee nest boxes using only repurposed, recycled and natural materials. Each participant brings one solitary bee nest box home.

making a solitary bee hotel
making a terrarium

Ecosystem Health and Making Terrariums Workshop 

This workshop is a beautiful and mindful experience where participants learn how to make self-contained, self-cleansing and beautiful terrariums in jars and reclaimed glass containers, while exploring topics of creating a healthy ecosystem, self-sufficiency and natural cycles.

Seed Ball Making for Song birds and Wild Bird Workshop

At this workshop we explore and identify different types of birds with interactive games involving visual aids and sounds. Participants gain an understanding of their importance. Finally, we exlore ways to support wild birds and make bird seed and nut balls that participants can hang outside.

long tailed tits eating bird seed balls

Permaculture and Grow Your Own Food Workshop

This workshop introduces participants to permaculture and regenerative farming. We learn about practical methods to improve soil health, reduce waste, improve yield and result in healthier harvests. We make our own compostable paper pots and sow seeds that we can bring home.

Biodiversity and Making Pollinator friendly flower pots Workshop

This workshop explores biodiversity and focuses on creating pollinator-friendly spaces. We create bee friendly flower pots with compost and pollinator-friendly flowers.

Pollinator friendly
Carboard circular

Circular Economy Workshop

This workshop introduces participants to the concept of Circular Economy. We learn through the model of Understory as a local example. We discover innovative ways to turn challenges into opportunities and unlock the true value of circularity.

“Alex provided a wonderful corporate workshop showing us how to create a bee hotel using recycled materials. We learned about biodiversity in our locality and Ireland, as well as various environmental challenges. This workshop included games, discussions and the opportunity to create using our hands. Thank you again Alex! Cannot recommend her enough.” 

Julia Carrol

PM Group, Dublin

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