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Environmental Education and Zero-waste Organisation


From Trash To Treasure For Biodiversity

Repurposed bottle
Solitary insect nest box
Reusable plant food

About the Founder

Alex is an ecologist, having graduated from Trinity College Dublin with BSc. Natural Sciences, specialising in Environmental Science. Alex worked a corporate job in a Fortune 500 company, where she identified innovative trends and used research to improve the company's offerings. Despite her success, she was unsatisfied and initiated the creation of a new role of a Sustainability Project Manager, through which she created an award winning 12 month corporate sustainability programme, acted as an eco-consultant and inspired behavioural change in over 400+ employees. Since then she has gained experience as an ecologist in Ireland and abroad, youth worker, workshop facilitator and zero-waste artist. Alex has worked with thousands of people, to foster positive attitudes towards sustainability, strengthen nature connections and empower others, to become climate and biodiversity action leaders in their communities.

Alex Konieczka the ecologist

Zero Waste Products

Understory was founded to provide you with a solution to one of the biggest global problems that is biodiversity loss, as a result of the make and waste model. Understory uses reclaimed materials to create sustainable zero waste products, designed to strengthen your connection to nature and help biodiversity. There is no such thing as waste in nature.

Reclaimed handmade eco-signs

Environmental Education

Environmental education is a vital part of a person's development that can completely change one's perception of the world. We offer high quality, tailored and interactive workshops and resources to community groups, primary and secondary schools, universities and businesses, on topics of zero-waste, wild foods, nature connection, climate action, biodiversity and zero-waste art. Together we can help you and your group develop a direct connection with nature.

Outdoor environmental education
Corporate Sustainability

Corporate Sustainability

We design and deliver sustainability programmes and team building activities for your organisation. We also take commissions, to create biodiverse rooftops and gardens, blending beautiful design with circular practices and education. Even the smallest of spaces can become a wildlife heaven.


Community Projects

We believe that strong communities are vital for a fulfilling life and a sustainable future. A sense of belonging, connection and pride of place should be accessible to everyone. That's why we empower communities to form stronger bonds with each other and their environment, by offering funding advice, providing accessible workshops, organising initiatives and leading community projects.

Community Gardening



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