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Native Terrarium in salvaged glass


    Bioactive terrarium, part of Understory’s Native terrarium range, which highlights the beauty of native Irish plants of our beloved landscapes, without the carbon footprint of the exotic plant trade. This terrarium captures the beauty of Cruagh woods of Dublin, encapsulating it’s essence in salvaged glass. No plant was harmed in the process, fern obtained through responsible propagation. A beautiful gift for someone who has a special relationship with the Dublin mountains or simply someone looking for an impressive and alluring display.


    This closed terrarium is 2 years old, has only been watered a handful of times. The loose fitting glass top lets sunlight through and accommodates the perfect amount of ventilation to occur. The bottom of the glass container resembles water, adeptly capturing the natural landscape of Cruagh Woods and it’s freshwater streams.

    Inside, the fern is thriving creating a canopy, with common haircap moss taking over half of the understory layer as well as two individual stalks of slender green feather-moss and reindeer lichen making an appearance. Natural ground cover includes seed husks of beech, bark and other forest debris. The plants are kept healthy by a colony of springtails that feed on the waste material produced. As with all living terrariums, mould may appear in the future, as plants go through their natural cycle of growth and decay, but the springtails will tidy it up in no time, creating a perfectly balanced ecosystem. Nematodes and myriapods may be observed amongst the moss. This terrarium is layered with gravel for drainage, charcoal for toxin absorption and soil for nutrients. We will provide you with caring instructions and will be at hand to assist if this is your first closed terrarium.


    Dimensions: 90 x 90 x 275 mm (length x width x height)

    Weight: 1.16 kg

    Materials: Salvaged glass, native materials collected with landholder's consent

    Special Features: Low maintenance self-sustained ecosystem


    Due to the delicate nature of this product, we offer pick up and local delivery in Dublin and North Wicklow only.

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