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Solitary Bee Nest Box


    20% of our Irish pollinator species are cavity nesters, many of these species are in decline and some, like the Dark Nomad Bee, are extinct. The Understory solitary bee box is created specifically to provide nesting sites for non-swarming bees like the Mason Bees, the Leafcutter Bees, the White-faced Bees and the Wool Carder Bees.

    Hand crafted from reclaimed untreated spruce timber, this solitary bee box is the perfect nesting solution for native solitary bees in your garden. Can be sited on fences, walls and trees. It's a wonderful experiential education tool on pollinator lifecycles. The Bee Nestbox comes with a guide.

    🐝 Replaceable tubes to extend the bee box lifespan
    🐝 Long nesting tubes perfect size for a range of solitary bees
    🐝 Chemical free, no adhesives, no screws, compostable

    🐝Site in a sunny position facing between south to the south-east to catch some morning sun
    🐝 Mounting height between 1.5m off the ground

    Dimensions: 140 x 105 x 97 mm (length x width x height)
    Tube length 110 mm
    Weight: 1.1 kg
    Materials: Reclaimed untreated spruce, plant stems
    Colour: Natural pine
    Finish: Linseed oil or water-based eco-varnish
    Special Features: Easy to use, proven design

    Comes with instructions printed with eco-ink on post-consumer recycled paper.


    100% plastic free and compostable packaging. Nationwide delivery in Ireland.

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