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4 Zero-waste Firelighters


    These handmade fire starters are perfect for campers, hikers, and anyone wanting to cozy up near the fireplace. They are made from Understory's wood and hessian offcuts from the making of solitary bee nestboxes, wood shavings from spoon carving, paper offcuts from card making, soy wax and natural materials from the garden like pinecones and pine needles. The wood shavings provide a pleasant, woodsy aroma, and the wax and natural ingredients, makes sure the fire starts quickly and easily. Plus, they are compact, lightweight, and easy to store. With these fire starters, you can start a fire with ease - no more struggling to get a fire going!

    Just place it into your fireplace/fire pit first & then light the wick. We recommend that you place the fire starter on a small flat piece of wood below the wood/kindling. Light the wick and watch your fire start! 

    Please note that no two fire starters are the same as they are handmade using offcut and natural materials in a circular and seasonal fashion! 

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